Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Learning to Breathe

I love watching the Duggars.  I think the children are precious, and the husband is a great dad, but I am totally jealous of Mrs. Duggar.  Not in an ugly way, but you see the Love of Christ all over her. You have to, she's had 19 children and holds it all together, you know that's a God thing. I only have two and there are days I feel like I am going to lose it. I want to have that kind of Godly love exude my life. I want my children to be able to watch my life and know they have a mom who earnestly desires to reflect Christ.

I am a strong type A personality and I have a point A and a point B, in every task, and everything that gets in the way of my point B is in a Dangerous place. :)  I don't want to be that way.  I want to be gentle, loving, kind and Patient. I want to have my children screaming and running under my feet and I want to be able to calmly explain to them why that's inappropriate.  I want them to be screaming and wrestling in the other room and to be able to get on their level in a calm firm voice explain why that's not okay.  I want to teach them biblically when their behaviors are wrong.  I want to look at their heart in the situation and see where they are coming from instead of jumping to the conclusion of "Guys, Knock it Off!" so quickly. 

Don't get me wrong, I do up until about 2:30 on good days, 11:30am on questionable ones, and there are days I barely make it to 8:30. As a mom it is my goal to be the Proverbs 31, wife and mom. I want to be the wife that boosts her husband to accomplish all God places before him. I want to be the mom that shapes the children and their behavior in light of God's word.  I want to teach them Jesus, not just by preaching it but in my actions. Show them by my love. In the way I answer their cries. In the way I fix their drinks and snacks and the way I sit down with them to watch their cartoons, or read a book and rock, even when I have a To-Do list a mile long.
I think it is a snare of Satan to begrudge these precious little moments. When I am too focused on my To-Do's than these precious gifts of God.

Dear Lord,
Give me Your eyes to see my children and Your heart to love my children. Help me to shape them and train them in Your ways. Remove any stumbling block I may set up in their path. Keep my eyes focused on You and remember my family is second and to-do's are third.
Help me to make my children my point B, and to annihilate everything in the middle that keeps me from treasuring their little moments.  I pray that they will see You in me.  I pray that You will teach me to Breathe and Pray before Reacting, because Lord, I Know that they see, watch and mimic my every move. 

Your Clay,


  1. Me too! I admire her SO much! :)

  2. I love this post! I was just talking to my friend who is frustrated with her parenting skills. I'm going to send her the link to this post. Thanks for your comments at Woman to Woman Ministries. Many blessings!

  3. Thanks Lisa. I'm in the middle of moving and several events had to happen for the Lord to get my attention on how much I have been managing/surviving my children vs. Enjoying, Loving, nuturing and caring for them in the midst of this craziness. I appreciate your kind words :)
    His Clay - Melissa

  4. So good and so honest. Thank you for sharing your struggles because I think most moms can relate but it's just not talked about. Praise God that His grace covers us and that He still loves us even when we fail our children.
    Oh and your last comment - I hear you. I am realizing that I am still living in "survival mode" and I don't have a baby anymore! Lord, help us to enjoy our children.

  5. A beautiful post .... so heartfelt. Thanks for linking up, it's nice to meet you. Don't forget to grab the 'Inspire me' button for you blog :)

  6. Thank you Cheryl. I appreciate your words. And haha, yeah, Survivor should have visited my house this week for sure, They could call it the Mommy Moving Day Challenge ;)

    Will do Heart and Soul and Thanks!

  7. Agh! Just wrote a comment and lost it! Anyhow- I've been going through the same tough stuff. So hard. Thanks for writing this- helps to know that I'm not alone. Love you and wish we were close enough to meet up- once with the kiddos and once just us :). Love you!


  8. Melissa, this post has touched me so much! You have definitely encouraged me. Thank you for stopping by Woman to Woman Ministries!


  9. Thanks Kate. I am all too aware of the "mommy days" and am constantly praying for the grace and love to get through them and Jenifer-thanks.