Friday, July 22, 2011

Praying for Your Samuel

I don't know why my life's filled with sorrows,
Not sure why my heart has to break.
I don't know how to put one foot foward,
without coming back to why things fell apart in the first place, and scared to endure it again.

Everything that I've invested, every tear that I've cried.
I know that You've seen all of this and You never left my side,
but where are You Lord? Why is this happening again.
Am I called to a life of sorrow?  Will You be Glorified in the end.

I don't know how I can possibly move forward, but I know You're big enough to carry me.
I know You know my sorrows and You grieve along with me.

Keep my eyes focused Lord and my heart steadfast,
because I Know that Youre going to move in my midst. 
I don't want to drown in my sorrows and miss You're miraculous.

Lord give me Hope! Give me peace. Speak Grace to my heart and give me strength.
My head knows You've got this, but my heart is scared to death. 

Every daydream I had of tomorrow, only to be swept into my past.
You've placed this burden in my heart and caused me to long for something out of my grasp.
Father I know You're Not playing games with me but fill me with Your grace to endure this test.

Lord I'm Praying for Your Samuel! I am praying for Your Best. 
God I know this is all for some reason, but my heart's breaking inside of this chest 
Please don't wait until eternity for Your mercies to be revealed or for Your glory to be unveiled.

Keep me Father, Let me know that You're near
because without Your Grace I know I cannot endure.


I love You Hannah and TJ our Prayers ARE With You!

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