Friday, August 19, 2011

New Territory

Chris Tomlin - God of This City

I am writing today for "Five Minute Friday."  Haven't done this before. I have 5 minutes to write, without editing. Yikes, this may not be pretty.  The topic today is: New.

and Go...

I am new to Kentucky. I am new to this area.  I don't know many people, but God has radically burdened my heart over this place.  I hear missionaries and people talk about how badly they want to go into foreign missions and how they want to do this and that, and you wouldn't believe the people in the foreign countries, and I am SO blessed by these people lives that are called in this direction, but as I look at the faces in Danville, Ky that's what my heart cries out! "Do you see them! I wish I could come back to my church and show the faces of the broken people I've encountered that week!  "Love them like Jesus." "Teach them Jesus," I want them to KNOW Jesus! As I walk through Wal-Mart I pray for each person that I walk past and pray for the Lord to plant a seed in their heart and use me, somehow, just use me!  I want them to experience God in a radical way. I want to be used as a tool of God to reach this area. I would love to visit and minister in Africa, Asia, China, S. America. But this IS my foreign Country.

I love these people! With a ridiculous Love that can Only come from what God's doing in my heart and life, because there is no reason for it other than God has placed it there.

It's hard to get to know people. I sometimes feel like an outcast, not sure if I'm imagining it. Not sure if it's a stumbling block Satan has put there to slow my passion down. Don't know. I really struggle with feelings of rejection. However, I know that GOD is the one who brought us here, GOD is the One Who is cultivating us. He is my keeper and sustainer and in HIM I will put my trust.

Time's Up...


  1. I can so relate. Our family moved away from our hometown for a year and a half. We honestly thought it would be a lot longer. As much as sometimes we like to say we hated it there; I have to take an honest look at things and see that yes...I missed my family and friends dearly, but in that year and a half God grew me up.He knew I needed that time to connect closer to Him in a way I never had before- He needed to remove me from the outside for a while. He knew what He was doing because by the time we came back home to our family and friends to live in our hometown again- I was ready- I needed to be on Fire for Christ to be able to share Him with those in my family who don't know Him- I wasn't able to do that before. He knows what He's doing that is for sure! I struggle with the same feelings of rejection and rather than seeing it as a stumbling block I'm starting to see it as an opportunity for God to teach me something- and to really count on Him guiding me...because it's about Him and His work not mine. Keep on trusting Him he's got an amazing plan for you too- and I know you know that! Your post was beautiful- and you have a beautiful heart for others- That's very easy to see just by reading your desires. Isn't He Amazing!?

  2. How funny! I thought I lost my 1st post so had to rethink the second one through- lol. Then I realized I just didn't see it has to be approved 1st. Anyway I hope you got the 1st one. Haha - sorry for all these posts. Now I know.

  3. Melissa, you are an outcast, in the sense that we don't belong to this world. But you belong to the family God and you have brothers & sisters all over the world. And you're right, your mission field is right where God has you now. God will never reject you, so continue to open your heart to Him. Many blessings!

  4. Haha, I have done that to people too. and It's always after I leave a long and thoughtful comment :) Thanks for your thoughts. I know God has taught me more about HIM in this year plus period than in my entire life. I Love these people and this area and thanks for your thoughts :)

  5. Amen to your passion! I love how you pray for everyone you pass (and Walmart needs a lot of prayer!). Keep your availability and willingness - that's all He asks of us! :)

  6. Oh my....the newness of our life is killing me right now! I'm very proud of you though and how well you seemingly take change! AWESOME! I know you have already been a light in Danville!

  7. You ladies are precious! I Really appreciate your encouragement! May GOD be Radically glorified through our simple vessels!

  8. Hi Melissa - Your post really spoke to me. I was lying in bed and thinking i don't feel led to go to a foreign country, I feel led to help the people down the road in my own country. Your post confirmed that for me.
    God bless
    Great post

  9. You're not alone, Melissa. I also think I am needed here rather than overseas. You're right: being missionary doesn't mean you have to be in a foreign country. Our neighbourhoods and communities are just as much of a mission field. It does get overwhelming, and I often feel like an outcast too. We've only lived in our area for a year and a half, and I still have to ask for directions around town, lol :) It's tough finding fellowship sometimes, but the only thing to do is to trust, no matter how hard it is to do it.

    Thank you for being so honest.
    - Taylor

  10. Melissa, it thrills my soul to see how God is using you in such a mighty way. I love you and may He continue to use you!

  11. I so hope to move to a smaller town than where we are now. And go figure I so wanted out of the small town I grew up in. While I know we will not end up there I know God is calling me to a new area and I can not wait to see what he does with our family there. I am so scared that I wont fit in as I did back in high school but I know it will all work out how it is supposed to. I also pray for those I pass I do it constantly while driving!