Monday, October 31, 2011

Faith Like That

I'm having a hard time trying to decide whether or not to write this.  

You see, I'm not cool. I am praying over the words I use here because I don't want the thought to cross your mind, "Hey, that girl has a clue" or "Is remotely cool" because you'd be wrong. I'm not mine to be cool. My life I pray is God's, but guys this year has been ridiculously awesome and if I don't pause and look back at GOD's hand at I diminishing HIS Glory? 

In September last year I began praying that the LORD would use me. Despite my limitations of: being a Stay-at-Home mommy, being out in the middle of nowhere- far from many people.  I am not a cool mommy who can juggle 2 kids at the store and come out without going way over budget.  I'm also very focused on the craziness happening in my buggy. :) So it was not an option (in my mind) to be a vessel of GOD in the grocery store.

My husband is in full-time student ministry and despite how much I LOVE those kids, I was being pulled away alot with Jaxson and Paitlyn. With them being sick or my being just too exhausted by the end of the day and a long drive to church on top of it. 
Being brand new to this area and community where I know no one. No friends, left all of our family. No roots. Starting over from scratch. My husband is also in Seminary so it's generally just me and the kids.  

What can I do?  I was burdened so HEAVILY with a heart to minister, a heart to serve, but my limitations were too many and overwhelming. 

But GOD!!!!!  Hahaha! But GOD! If He's given the burden HE will prepare the way!  

The message HE laid on my heart was like a burning fire! If I didn't let it out I felt like it would consume me.  But I was limited (that's what I saw-my limitations) 
GOD's not Limited!

In my quiet time I began writing. I hated writing in school. My insecurity was overwhelming when I wrote. 

When I had to write papers in college I would cringe to have to turn it in, because I thought my paper would be the one the teachers passed around to laugh at and say, "who taught this kid how to write, and she's in College?"  When I write it's like taking a piece of myself and handing it over to whatever critics find it. 

So when I started writing I never thought much of it. You may have seen how that worked out a few weeks ago in a post

But in a years time the Lord has moved us. We went from being 20mins from town to living Downtown. We went from being twenty minutes from church to five minutes.   From a teeny tiny house unable to house foster children to a 4 bedroom house able to house foster children.  
Because of the loneliness I faced at the beginning of this ministry, the Lord has placed lonely people in my path. He has brought ministry opportunities to our doorsteps.
Making it to church on a Wednesday night is no longer an all day event depending on who's had a nap and if we have the gas money.

He has placed people in my path specifically because they've needed to be ministered to.  It's SO Awesome because (I can't tell you how often HE's done this) I've been praying to be used, he places someone in my path and their exact words, "I've been praying for the Lord to bring someone in my life like you...." for whatever the reason it's different every time. It's just cool to see GOD working on both ends.

My overwhelming insecurity when I write has been surrendered to the LORD. Every post I write is prayed heavily over because it intimidates the fire out of me, but I put my hope in HIM. I've surrendered it to HIM not to be taken back at my convenience or from my fear. But that's why I have to write about HIM because In HIM is where I have my trust!

It absolutely "Rocks my Socks Off" to think that the LORD is taking this thing that I am most insecure about and using it for HIS Glory. I mean if GOD was looking to use someone wouldn't He want to use someone who is naturally gifted in that area?   NOPE! Not biblically, he takes the things we are most inferior in and says "Do you trust ME?"  I cannot tell you how scared I am everytime I write - Petrified, but if I don't let the message out I feel like it will consume me. IT's GOD! It's GOD! Holy LORD! You heard my prayer, and You want to use me? It's GOD!

Our God is WAY cool, and I am so messed up in admiration and love of our Heavenly Father.

This is a song that "Messed me UP" a year ago and it has played in my head repeatedly.  I come back to it often.
I pray this will be my life song, and I encourage it to be yours!

Jonah 33 - Faith Like That
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Are you watching the Lord answer prayers right before your eyes?

Are you having a "Faith like that"?  I want a faith like that!  

Lord, give us a Faith like that! Give us the burden to have a faith like that! May we not focus on our inability but on YOUR ability, to do whatever it is YOU desire!  I pray to be a willing, surrendered and mold-able vessel in Your hands! Thank you Father for moving the mountains! 

HIS Clay~


  1. Amen. Need I say more? Thank you for this! <3

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the message GOD gave you. GOD is so A W E S O M E! I am willing that He make me more like JESUS and use me according to His will.

  3. I'm glad you shared! It is so encouraging to hear testimonies of God's answers to prayer. He is SO good to all of us!!!!!

  4. We having a saying down South when we've heard a really good sermon....Girl! "THAT'LL PREACH!"
    AMEN!! Wonderful Word from God this morning! What a way to start out a week!!

  5. Thank you for sharing this! God is using you in a mighty way Melissa! I am so thankful that I can read through your journey. :)

  6. Great song! I'd never heard it before, so thanks for sharing it. I want a faith like that too!

  7. So glad I saw you on (in)courage last week and that I've been able to read your words. It's awesome to read about God's work in your life. I feel a bit like I am where you were in the beginning of this post and I know God is at work doing new things in our family at the same time. This is such an encouraging place to read and I am SO THANKFUL YOU ARE WRITING!

  8. Yes! God bless you and bless you and bless you!