Friday, October 7, 2011

Ordinary me, Seeking Extraordinary HIM

Five Minute Friday- (Unedited and scared to look): Ordinary

I don't dream of an ordinary life. 
I am an ordinary wife and mother living in an ordinary world.  Where ordinary people want to maintain the ordinary status-quo.

My problem is I serve an Extra-Ordinary God
A God who, in order to save His children and show HIS power, and protection parted a Red Sea and a Jordan River.  

I serve a God who created the earth and all that we know and have come to love in 6 short days.
I serve a God who causes the earth to tremble at the sound of His voice. 
I serve a God who is Master over the tides and the Waves. 
My God has the power to wave His hand and move or create galaxies at His command.
My God is so powerful that all of creation sings HIS praise!

I serve a GOD who despite all this He knows your name. Not only your name but HE knows the number of hairs on your head. He is intimately aquainted with all of your fears and failures.  He knows every tear you've cried, or every tear you've tried to hide. Not only does He know them, He treasures them.

I serve a GOD who despite all this took a look at His creation and out of HIS great love realized our Great need for a Savior.  
I serve a GOD who took on the form of an impoverished servant, lived a life of humility in order to show us how we should live. 
He taught us how to love by loving us in our greatest need, even when we violently rejected Him.
I serve a God who took all of our offenses and placed them on Himself so that He could ultimately unite us with Himself. 
I serve a GOD who humbled Himself to the highest form of humiliation in His death on a cross, Only to conquer death, Rise again, bringing the ultimate Victory and offering healing, and forgiveness of our offenses.

So despite the fact that I live in an ordinary house with an ordinary family in an ordinary town. I Cling to obtain an Extraordinary life in service to my ExtraOrdinary GOD!

HIS Clay~

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  1. Thank you for the lovely reminder of our EXTRAordinary God!! :) He makes any ordinary life or task purposeful!

  2. Hi Melissa - great post. Isn't it interesting how with one word, everybody has a different spin on it? Even though we as Christians are like minded, because God created us so differently, we all process and think differently. How EXTRAordinary :) God bless

  3. wow.. good read.
    the season you are in seems to be drawing you into a newer season with interesting things on the horizon.
    Be blessed.

  4. Love this, Melissa! And I love the song that is playing - Show Me Your Glory, by Jesus Culture. :)

  5. Lovely writing Melissa ... I loved this weeks prompt. I wrote on my other blog today, you can check it out here.

  6. I have just been reading through your blog and enjoy your heart for Jesus! There is NOTHING better than living for Him! I am your newest follower and am excited to read what the Lord continues to teach you!


  7. Hi Lori, So glad you landed here.
    Lisa, Thanks! This song Rocks my socks off! I pray this with Such a heavy heart over this area the Lord has placed us!
    Heart and Soul- I enjoy checking out your blog.

  8. Thanks for the reminder! Following you back.