Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Defining Moments -{Guest Post by Jenifer Metzger}

Jenifer Metzger
writer of
~Sweet Blessings~

For so many people that defining moment when they realize the need for God is because something catastrophic happens in their life. That wasn’t the case for me. I grew up in a Christian home with Godly parents and we went to church any time the doors were open. This carried into my family as I became a wife and mother. We went to church and served in ministry, said prayers before meals and bed and did what we thought we were supposed to do. We lived a “good Christian” life. I very much considered myself a Christian.

About three years I realized something was missing. Nothing had happened to me, I just felt like something was off. I had a loving husband, wonderful kids, a great family, we went to church, but something was missing. God quickly showed me that I was living the life of a Sunday morning Christian. I was only giving myself to Him within the four walls of church.

I’ve heard it said as “spiritual bulimia.” I was being fed regularly. I could even ‘throw it up’ to other people. I knew all the right things to say, all the scriptures. But I wasn’t digesting it. I wasn’t living it. I carried my Bible to church then came home and sat it on the shelf until the following Sunday. Other than meals, a quick bedtime prayer with the kids, and in times of need, I did not converse with God.

At first this was very hard because I didn’t know how to change it. I honestly thought who really prays and reads their Bible every single day. But I decided that to get rid of this empty feeling; I needed to at least try. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this; after all I have a husband to care for, a house to run, four children to raise and homeschool and several ministries to run. I wake up early and work hard all day until I fall into bed at night. I didn’t think I had two spare minutes to breathe let alone spend time with God. But God showed me where I was wrong. When my husband leaves for work in the morning I would love to lie back in bed for an extra half hour before starting my day. I didn’t always fall asleep, but I loved to just lay there. This is where God wanted me to start.

So I began staying up in the morning with my husband. After he left for work I would sit down at the dining table and I would say a short prayer and read a few verses, giving God about fifteen minutes. After a few months of this, I felt the need for more. But that would mean more sacrifice. So I started to wake up a few minutes earlier and gave God thirty minutes. A few more months go by, and I felt the need for more time with Him. So I started waking up even earlier. Now, I am not a morning person at all. I love to sleep and I do not function well in the morning. But I was so drawn to God that I pushed through that.

Psalm 34:8 says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” I tasted and I wanted more! Now three years later, I love spending time with Him. I love waking up and meeting God in our secret place. My fifteen minutes has turned into an hour, sometimes even more. I don’t miss the sleep. I don’t feel like I am rushed for time the rest of the day because I took an hour out for God. If anything, I feel like my time is expanded. I never run out of time for the important things. When we give God our time, He multiplies it.

I cannot say that my days have actually changed, nor have my circumstances. But my attitude has. I love college basketball. A basketball player would never go to the game without warming up. That doesn’t mean he will not have mess-ups in the game, but he is more prepared. I still have days that do not go exactly as I want. The kids do fight, the dog does runs away, the laundry pile is still never ending, the mailman still brings bills and occasionally dinner isn’t as good as I hoped. But I started my day warming up with God. I am better equipped and prepared for what comes my way throughout the day. This was such a defining moment in my life. A turning point that I will never forget and that I will always praise God for. The way God gently nudged me until I was ready to fully live for Him. Sunday is one- seventh, He wants us to live for Him fully, seven-sevenths. Are you ready yet?

More about Jenifer:
Jenifer and her husband, Jeremy, have been married for fourteen years. They have been blessed with four children that she calls her blessings from Heaven. Jenifer is a housewife and homeschooling mom and enjoys serving alongside her husband as the multiplicity pastors of
their church. She is the founder and co-leader of Woman to Woman Ministries and blogs daily at Sweet Blessings.


  1. HI Jenifer and Melissa - great post and great encouragement to offer that time to Christ and see it grow
    God bless

  2. Our time with God is never wasted. I love how you point out that spending time with God doesn't always change our circumstances or guarantee a perfect day, but it prepares us for what is to come. I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good!

  3. "I didn’t think I had two spare minutes to breathe let alone spend time with God."

    I think we've all felt this way before. I love that you wake up early and give Him the very first part of your day. I recently shared with some friends about the importance of giving God our time first instead of giving Him our know the time left after you've checked off everything on your "to do" list. Proverbs 31:15 says "She also rises while it is yet night." This is something that I struggle with, because like you I love my sleep. It was encouraging to read how God helped you move
    from craving for sleep to craving more time with Him.

    Thanks so much for sharing your testimony.

    PS...I have a sweet husband named Jeremy too! :) And we'll be wed 14 years this

  4. What good encouragement! That walk with God is a process and I actually know people who want to be deeper in their faith but don't know how to get there. Your story will be such a help to them. Have a wonderful day!

  5. What a beautiful testimony to the Lord drawing you in deeper Jenifer! I love the way He woos us in and pursues for deeper, sweeter intimacy with Him. Thank you for sharing sweet friend :)

  6. My day is so much brighter when I start out the Lord. I have diligently wake up each morning before my 6 children arise. Tough at times!

    Also, I working on teaching this to my children. I don't want my children to believe going to church and following rules is what Christianity is about, but about a relationship.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you for sharing your testimony, Jenifer. I love when you said this,"I cannot say that my days have actually changed, nor have my circumstances. But my attitude has." The joy of the Lord is our strength. He turns darkness into light. When we spend time with Him...he changes our hearts and our attitude. Thank you for this encouragement.