Monday, November 21, 2011

A Song of Redemption

Heather Knopp
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As a Conservative Christian woman, wife to a wonderful godly man (who also happens to be a minister), mother of two {so far}, homemaker, and Christian blogger, many would look at me as if ‘I don’t understand’, or ‘I’ve never been there’.
But I do and I have.

I too have lived a life enslaved to sin.  I too did things both in secret and in the open for the world to see that I am terribly ashamed of.  I too still carry the scars that sin dealt me.
But I’ve been redeemed!  A life that was once marred has been washed clean and now I can tell my redemption story and offer hope to a hopeless generation.

I was 19 when I got saved.  All my teenage years were spent in sin, in the public school system, in rebellion, and without much thought of what the morrow might bring.
I was the last one you would picture being married to the preacher.  I was the one in need of a Saviour.  
I was the last one you would see proclaiming her love for Jesus Christ, but He so loved me and gave Himself for me that I want nothing less than to tell it abroad.

The truth is, I’m still in need of a Saviour and His grace, love, and mercy every day.  Although I’ve been redeemed, I am not exempt from falling into the snares of the enemy.
The Lord gave me a fresh start after I accepted Him as my Saviour.  He didn’t hand everything to me, nor did He place things in my lap right away.  I had to work towards things and grow in my relationship with Him.  He is still teaching me and preparing me for the work that He has for me to do.
I am so thankful that He redeemed me when He did and gave me a new song!  He has blessed me with an amazing husband, whom I am so unworthy of, and the two most beautiful children in the world.
There is hope for the broken!  God likes to work in broken situations to bring glory to His name.
I’m thankful I’m still allowing Him to work on me.

More about Heather:
Raising Mighty ArrowsHeather is a child of the King and in need of His abundant grace every day. She's never found Him to give up on her, although she admits He should have a long time ago! Heather has been married to her best friend for 4 1/2 years. They have been blessed with 2 children so far that light up their lives daily. Heather and her family are currently pastoring their first church. You can find her blogging at Raising Mighty Arrows; as well as connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Me too Heather, my teen years probably looked very similar to yours :) But God... He has a way of stealing us back, intervening on our messes and using it all for our good and His glory. I'm so glad for that... so glad that we share such a wonderful savior. Nice to "meet" you! Blessings!