Monday, February 20, 2012

Teach Me

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Teach Me
Teach me to be Loving; when I feel unloved.
Teach me to recognize the needs of others; when I feel most needy.

Teach me to have a gentle, quiet heart; when I want to cry out of frustration.

Teach me to seek Your face; when I get focused on me.
Teach me to surrender my judgements of others; when I feel judged.

Teach me to have Your heart; when mine is so easily broken.
Teach me to be humble and teachable; when I feel I have all the answers.

Teach me to trust solely in You; when I'm drowning in insecurity.

Teach me to remember all of my offenses; when I feel offended.

Teach me to lay my life down and recognize the needs of others above my own.

Teach me to live my life as a reflection of my love for You; when I'm tempted to crawl back in bed and hide under the covers.

Teach me to be bold in my witness; when my heart is filled with fear.

Teach me to be confident in You alone; Proud of You alone; to acknowledge all greatness and glory as Yours alone; to accept Your Truth above this world's wisdom; to accept Your desires above my own.
Teach me to be made less to Make you More.

Teach me to be Your clay!

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  1. Well said! Let us become less so that he can become greater!

    1. Thanks Angi! "Let us become less..." is exactly what I was aiming for so I had to add it! :) Thanks!

  2. Hi Melissa - beautiful. Hope you don't mind but I'm copying that out and pasting it up on my study wall. Great encouragement
    God bless

    1. I would be so honored for you to do that! I need to do that as well! :)

  3. My desire is that all I learn come from Jesus. Teach me, Lord! I want to learn how to make my life a reflection of my Heavenly Father.

  4. this is beautiful. i wish i could live it instead of just saying it!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  5. Beautiful post... Blessings Darrell