Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Dirty Sinful Heart

This past week will go down in the initial record books for mine and Trey's early years of ministry.  It's been rough. Today after the crazy is settling a little I've thought to myself, "What has the Lord taught me this week"?  I haven't even stopped to reflect or write it down, what the junk.

I mean, I hadn't forgotten the Lord, or lost my trust by any means, but my anxious heart was so full and the time I usually spend yearning for Him, chasing after a moment with Him, looking for opportunities to be used by Him. I was very sidetracked with myself, my fears and my anxious heart.

As I look back over this week I definitely remember times He was calling me to Himself. Things He did want me to learn. Things He did want me to pursue Him on, but I was so busy juggling my anxious heart I didn't pursue any further.  Oh that I had run after Him instead of allowing myself to enter survival mode I wonder if He would have said, "now you sit back while I slay this Giant", or I would have seen Him part the sea. 

The times we are most afraid is when He most wants to Show Out! I missed it. I guess in another way We are making strides that are getting on Satan's nerves because he has definitely pursued us this past week.

Here's what's to come:
- How are you as a brother or sister in Christ supposed to acknowledge sin in a friends life.

- What is the Godly role of a Woman. Who are we, and how are we to act, in Christ?

- Oh the ridiculous Love of Christ as seen through the eyes of a parent.

- Gossip/Slander:  I wonder if one reason we struggle with it so much is because we don't know what exactly it means, and how often we do it.

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