Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Husband Totally Rocks & Some Reasons Why He Holds my Heart

In Honor of my Husband on Father's Day! I love you more than you can know and appreciate you more than I know how to share!

My husband is a man of God. He is the leader in the home.  Even on the days that I try to pry that out of his grip. 

He is also the Student Minister at Calvary Baptist in Danville, Ky.  He has a sincere passion for the Lord and for doing His will. No matter if the Lord leads us to Uganda as missionaries or to serve as a janitor of a ball field. Whatever the Lord calls him to do, he is willing to go and will do it unto the Lord!

He is the most patient, humble and even tempered man I know.  On the days that I am overwhelmed by the flurry of mess and children and my to do list, he comes home after his long day and helps with the dishes, washes laundry or anything else that is keeping me from perfect sanity.  He does it without me asking and without a complaint.  Oh, he is such a Godly man. He has taught me so very much in our 6 years of marriage.  Every time I think of him the passage of James 1:19-27 comes to mind. He is Quick to listen, Slow to speak, and very slow to become angry. 

He has more integrity than I had ever seen in anyone before.  I've never questioned his faithfulness. We could be in a mob full of beautiful women and I would never question if his thoughts were straying. He would somehow make me feel like the most beautiful and most important woman in the room. It never ceases to amaze me but on the days I look my worst he makes me feel beautiful. For instance the other day I hadn't yet had a shower, I was wearing yard clothes, while outside playing with the kids and sweating. Really gross! I walked around the house to get away from the noise to take a phone call and he saw me as I walked back around the house. When I got near him he hugged me (which weirded me out because I was feeling so gross and sweaty) and he said, "I am so proud you are mine. You are so beautiful." 

He has the heart of David and several other traits of David that are beautiful to me. 

Another precious life lesson my husband has diligently lived out before me is:
Prov. 24:16 For a righteous man (woman) falls seven times, and rises again...
No matter what happens around him he remains steady, firm in Christ. No matter how many times he's knocked down, he shakes it off and keeps on going with a humble, Godly spirit.
He is a wonderful father to our children. He makes time for them. Even when he's up to his ears in to-do lists. He happily stops to spend one on one time with them.  He keeps me going when I don't have any fight left in me.  I am blessed to have a husband and friend who I can confide in and share All that God is teaching me.

I am truly blessed to be his helpmate in the ministry God has called us to!


  1. You have such a blessing in him. Thank you for entering.

  2. Great post, Melissa! He sounds like a great man!

  3. Thank you Darlene and Cheryl. I am a Very Blessed lady to have him.