Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bigger than the Moon

There's something satisfying about a day that ends with two spotless, yet worn out children.  You feel even more validated if they crash by 6:30 from exhaustion. As I sit by and watch and pray over them I can't help but think of all the dreams I have for them.
Jaxson is so smart, he has such a compassionate and tender heart.  He loves learning and spending time with mommy and daddy and he adores his sister.

Jax for right now:
I want him to learn to jump in the mud puddles. Slay Dragons with his stick swords.  I want him to hunt for frogs to freak me out, then turn around to pick me a flower in apology. :) I want to see him wrestle his daddy and love on his sister. I want to see his imagination grow with every pebble he finds. I want him to chase after every question, until he's found the right answer.  I want him to try on his grandfathers shoes and pretend to be one of them.  I want him to memorize scripture, know more about Jesus, and to excitedly tell me every Sunday what he learned in Sunday School.

For Tomorrow:
I would love to see him have every opportunity to play any sport, any instrument or see his artistic side. I personally would like to see him play soccer and the guitar or the drums.  I would love for him to make good grades.  But even allowing that to come from my mouth feels foreign to me. Because More than Anything in the world. I want him to Know God.  Not just "some god that you hear about in church and yeah, I guess I'm a christian because I've always gone to church, and my parents go and we learn about god."  No! I want my son to Know God. To Experience God! I want him to be a ridiculous full out Jesus Freak! The kind of Jesus Freak that everyone knows he wouldn't date "that" girl. Or we don't joke like that in front of him because... Yeah, I want that to be my son!

Pait for Today:
I want her to make believe in her babies and cuddle them when they're cold. I want her to mimic my every move.
(Lord, I pray that my every move is a reflection of You!)

I want her to be the princess her brother is always saving. I want her to rescue the bull frogs, Jaxson defeats with a joyous victory. I want her to bake mud cookies and fill her vase with dandelions to make her table pretty. I pray that she will always find beauty in the weeds.

I want her to clean her playhouse, make her brother "drink" and to fill her mind with daydreams and thoughts of her future. I want her to pull on my skirt and try to make up a sentence that is muddled up in 1yr old English that she learns from her 4 yr old big brother.  Stuff to say, just because she wants to have a conversation with me. I want her to know that her mommy treasures her every thought and word. I want her to enjoy getting dirty, then enjoy dressing up like a princess.  I want her to roll and wrestle in the grass without a care in the world.

Pait for Tomorrow:
I never want her to doubt that she's a treasure. Like the sign above her bed, she's a Daughter of a Heavenly King! I want her to store her treasures in heaven! All of her kisses, all of her dreamy thoughts, all of her hopes, dreams, desires! I want her to entrust them to her Heavenly Daddy and for her to trust that He will provide in His Perfect timing!
I don't want her to ever feel like she needs to fit into a shadow that the world tries to place her in. I don't want her to ever walk in anyone's shoes but her own. I want her to Know God! I want her to teach her children about God and to lead them in His Truths! I want her to walk to the beat of God's drum. Never think twice about what anyone else thinks but as long as her life is a reflection of Him, "who can be against me."  I want her to know that I am her biggest cheerleader, and more importantly God is. I want her and Jax to know that their lives are meant to be greater than themselves.

Jax & Pait:
I want them to know that No Greater Dream can be conjured up for their lives than the Perfect Will and Dream of their Heavenly Father. I don't want them to pursue this world and all the earthly treasures. If God carries them to Asia or Kentucky there is no Greater joy in this life than being exactly where He has placed you. No greater pleasure in this world than knowing, I'm just a piece on GOD's Chess Board who will ultimately come to a Radical Victory!  Whether it is in my life or in my death. I am His and He is mine and everything else means Nothing in comparison! There are days that the journey is hard and scary. Especially days that I am in my own flesh, but Knowing that He already has my next step perfectly crafted out before me, Wow, What an Amazing God I Serve!
"The more I know God the Less I care about me!" I want you to come to this place in your walk with Him. I want you to Know when HE's drawing you to Himself! I want you to treasure His word in your heart!  I want you to every morning pray, "Search me Oh God! Know my every thought and lead me into the paths of righteousness for YOUR names sake!" 
I want you to enjoy the life He's given you but to know that if it's not been to live abundantly In HIM, you've wasted it.

I Love you both more than you can ever imagine and
I Praise the Lord for the Gift of You Every Day that passes!
I pray every day that the Lord will help me to love and see you through His Eyes!
Because Only He can love you with the perfect selfless love, that is needed to shape you into what He's created you to be!
Thank you for the precious joy you bring to my life!
I Love you bigger than the Moon!


Growing Home

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  1. Melissa, what a joy to read the words on your heart! Love you.