Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Glorifying God in the Mundane

Being a Stay-At-Home-Mommy, even though it's limited, there are still a lot of places I go. I go to Walmart, Subway, the Hub (local coffee house), Kroger, Church etc.

I call it being a Green Light Disciple. How can you be used in the every day? God Slapped me a year ago with this, so I almost feel foolish sharing this with you because I am so new that I can share way more failures than victories. 

A year ago I considered Student Ministry my current and only ministry. That's Junk! I am blessed that the Lord wants to use me in that way but that's 10% of my week. What am I gonna do with the other 90%? I'm going to be a Green Light Disciple! I don't stop, I don't slow down, back down or not think of it just because I'm in a bad mood or have had a long day.

If the Lord clearly states that the Fields are White for Harvest, (John 4:35) If I have not lead one person to Christ in a years time...am I being a disciple, or living life according to me?  If I have poured myself out. If I have taken every opportunity I have to share the gospel and I have not "seen" fruit, God does with it as He wishes, but at least it's not out of my disobedience.
Isaiah 55:11
So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth;
It will not return to Me empty,
Without accomplishing what I desire,
And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.

As I hop in the car I pray for the Lord to open an opportunity for me to minister or witness. Even if it's just building a relationship with people who work in these places. Which is usually all that it is.

I am TERRIBLE with names. I joke about it but I'm not kidding, I have been asked my own name before and I stuttered because I could not remember. Pretty pathetic, huh?  I am trying to remember their names, so that I can start up a conversation where we left off the last time I saw them. I pray for the Lord to give me HIS Eyes to view the people I come in contact with. To make me sensitive to His Spirit leading to be sensitive to the broken ones. (I am still very new at this so I have disobeyed and failed many times.)  

It has at times been a word of encouragement, stopping to pray with someone-(that's intimidating), once when we weren't sure if we would have enough money to make it to the next paycheck, at Christmas time, I knew HE was telling me to give a family I saw walk into Walmart a $25 gift card-(He will remove your idols from your hands).
Actually, when I knew I was supposed to do that I was scared I was going to call my husband and he was going to say, "No, it's not there." So I almost didn't even call, but I did and it just so happens my husband had just been praying for the Lord to use him and show different ways to be used etc. HaHa, I had called at the end of his prayer. He said my phone call was like a punch in the gut. If my God's not cool!

I sell ThirtyOne! Yeah, it's extra money and I love their stuff but, it drags me out of my comfort zone. I meet ladies I never would have otherwise met. Since it's a Christian company I get to share my faith at every party. Sometimes more than others. I don't have a spill or anything just how the Lord leads and what fits.

These people I run into at these different places I pray for, often. I pray for them as their faces go through my mind. Once I went into the coffee house and I was the only one there, I had been trying for a long time to get to know this lady, when I got there she just fell apart because she had been having a horrible week, she knew she could fall apart because she knew me. I've been talking to her for a while, she knew why I go there. I have been building that relationship. 

As I write these things I can tell you shamefully WAY more times of disobedience than obedience, because all of this is new to me and SO out of my comfort zone. For instance the moment that the lady fell apart while talking to me, I should have stopped and prayed with her. I KNEW  I was supposed to, but I was too scared that she would think I was weird, or being pushy, or that I might offend her, but that's not my decision to make! If the Lord is speaking to your heart OBEY! HE is their Heart Master, HE knows whats going on in their heart and what words need to be said. He is the GOD of my mouth. Where's my faith? 

If you would be encouraged by hearing more failures I will happily share them with you, but I will choose to keep this post from being the length of a Master's Thesis. I do not claim to know squat on this subject because I am such a Rookie, but I really want to share with you what I am learning because I wish I had someone telling me how to have extreme faith in the everyday. I know so little compared to what I want to know. 

I do so little compared to what I want to do, and I have yet to lead someone to Christ through this - I'm telling you, I'm a ROOKIE, but I'm not going to let that intimidate or stop me from doing what God's called me to do.

Casting Crowns - Here I Go Again

Be a Green Light Disciple!

I am determined to see God glorified through my mundane. Well, I see my everyday as mundane but if I allow Him to use it, He can make my mundane Miraculous.

His Clay~



  1. "Green light disciple". LOVE IT!

  2. This is such an honest, passionate post! I think it's the willing heart that counts... you have that without a doubt :) And often we don't even get to see how the way we love, act or spread the Word impacts another person! I love that verse because it's true... His word does not return void, not ever. We can count on that Truth! Love the "green light disciple" I want to be that!

    PS, we just moved from a blogspot to a word press site and I'm still trying to figure out how to add followers... coming soon :) I'm following you though!


  3. yes! the everyday little stuff is BIG. i am learning to do it all for the glory of God too :). thanks for the great thoughts!

  4. I know of a church that has a sign that reads "You are now entering the mission field" that the members see as they leave church every Sunday. We are in a mission field where God has planted us.

  5. Always a great reminder that we meet so many people all the time that are in need of hearing the Good News! There is a great book out there by Bill Hybels called "Walk Across The Room". We may just be the very first Christian person that someone encounters but it's the first step. They may not accept Jesus for years later but every journey begins with one step!

  6. Thanks ladies- yeah I really struggle with this because it's so out of my comfort zone. Which so is living the Radical Christian life. It's so hard to step out in faith and talk to people you don't know about the gospel, without feeling like a sales person. It's hard to pray in public. Shelly - I would LOVE to read that book. There's another one called One thing you can't do in Heaven, I've heard alot about it and met the author but I have yet to get it and read it - Yikes on me.
    Rebecca-So True. I wish that the "church" would begin to recognize that in our daily lives.

    So True and Thanks - Wonder
    Heidi- I always love your comments! You're so sweet and thoughtful!

  7. I know exactly how you feel! I am writing on spreading the Good News of Jesus for the entire month of October - talk about lighting a fire under myself! I am constantly feeling convicted - but in a good way. I am getting ready to read Share Jesus without Fear. It comes highly recommended by our pastor and I am hoping God uses this tool to give me the words to say in those difficult situations (opportunities).

    Thank you for linking up! :)