Sunday, August 28, 2011

Radical Faith

Jonah33 - Faith Like That

I want a faith that is big enough to trust in God, to be used to change the world. I want to Serve, Know and Follow Radically, The God of the Bible.

You know The One.

The God of:
Daniel- Who knew God and trusted Him enough to continue Praying in His window because He feared the Lord more than man. He trusted God all the way to the Lions den. He accepted: "you throw me in and I die, I'm GOD's. You throw me in I Live - I'm GOD's." When God is the Lord of your life what else is there to fear.
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. - Proverbs 1:7

Elijah:  (1 Kings 17), (1 Kings 18), (2 Kings 1)
Who prayed for rain to end - In order to draw the hearts of God's people back to Himself.
Who was used by God to raise the dead.
Who made a fool of the idols God's people were worshipping.
Who called fire down from heaven and consumed a sacrifice and also consumed 100 of King Ahaziah's men.

Who when everyone else trembled in fear, as a kid  he knew and trusted GOD and was willing to put his life on the line, in order to have the LORD show out! 

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego:  (Daniel 3)
Who refused to bow down to this idol everyone was made to worship. Who refused to go along with popular opinion. Who didn't care if they stood out or if they would be shown as foolish. They were going to follow God all the way to the furnace, because to them it was more important to please GOD than it was to follow the crowd or even have their life spared.

Paul and Silas:  (Acts 16:16-40)
Who were seeing miracles in Christ's name. Who were seeing the power of GOD first hand. They had cast out demons, healed the sick and boldly preached the cross. They were beaten, flogged and thrown into prison. Instead of allowing it to make them question GOD they kept praising and worshipping, and the LORD sent a great earthquake, the jail was busted open, but they didn't break free. Instead they were able to minister to the Jailer and all the other prisoners, and their life was spared.  To them it more important to preach the gospel than to live a life of comfort and acceptance.

Gideon:  (Judges 6-7)
In whom I find my hope through this plea. Because I've never known such faith or experienced it. Where do I begin to learn?  I am absolutely ignorant on how to trust God to do the radical. On how to step out of my comfort zone in Faith and watch Him move mountains.

You see, Gideon was a man sought out by God. He was a man from the least of the tribes of Judah, and on top of that He was least in that tribe. Yup, he was less than a nobody.  I see him as the guy in the back of the room that no one else noticed. He was just a surviver. He didn't plan to do anything but live, die and try not to stir up much trouble while he was there.  Sounds like my kinda guy :)

Yet the angel of the Lord approached him and called him a mighty man of valor.  God doesn't need someone cool or someone with a certain set of acquired skills to accomplish something Great. He needs your faith.

Gideon's people were being oppressed by the Midianites.  The Lord had removed His sovereign hand of protection from this people because their hearts had left HIM and began worshipping other gods.  He sent the Midianites to oppress them. Gideon was told to go and tear down the idols of Baal.

If you are being oppressed, if you are in need of deliverance: you must first remove the idols from your life.  If you want to be used Radically by GOD you must first remove the idols from your life!"

Gideon was still so scared (he was scared of his town AND of his own family)  that he took 10 others with him and did it under the cover of night.  The next morning when the town awoke they found out it was him and they went to have Gideon killed. 

Can you imagine the fear that fell on Gideon? When they went to retrieve Gideon, his dad came to his defense and said, "Will you contend for Baal? Or will you save him? Whoever contends for him shall be put to death by morning. If he is a god, let him contend for himself, because his altar has been broken down." -Judges 6:31

His dad, of whom Gideon was formly afraid, and who was apparently also a Baal worshipper, came to his sons defense. If you have never read the story of Gideon, oh it gets so much better from there.

But God used someone whose faith was not only weak, it was empty. Because of the oppression of his people Gideon wasn't even sure there was a God. "Please, sir, if the LORD is with us, why then has all this happened to us? And where are all his wonderful deeds that our fathers recounted to us, saying, 'Did not the LORD bring us up from Egypt?' But now the LORD has forsaken us and given us into the hand of Midian." -Judges 6:13

The GOD of the CROSS! 
Who despite being despised and rejected, Spat on, stripped, beaten and hung on a cross, by the people HE came to save. When at any moment HE could have called multitudes of angels and it would have been over. He endured the cross, for our salvation, and three days later He arose from the grave and conquered our death so that we are no longer under the curse of Hell!

That's my GOD! When there was no other way HE made a way for us through HIS OWN Death!

Therefore, I say my lack of experience or wisdom does NOT limit God, my self doubt does NOT limit God.

It's our lack of faith and surrender that keeps us from being used Radically by GOD. If this is the God I serve, if I serve the GOD of this bible, shouldn't my life, my faith, look more like these men? Shouldn't my life be a witness to this type of radical movement of GOD?

Lord, Throw me out of my comfort zone to where I am fully relying and trusting You to move! Make me ever aware of Your presence. Help me to follow You intently and to fear You more than man! Move radically in our midst. Show Yourself Mighty among Your people, among this generation!. May we seek Your Holiness above our own agenda's and popularity.  May we see lives radically impacted by Your Truth! May we be willing, surrendered vessels ready to jump when You say move!

Your Clay~


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  1. Wow, Melissa -- so MANY role models for following in radical faith. I love your thorough exploration here.

  2. LOVE IT! "Make me ever aware of Your presence!....May we see lives radically impacted by Your truth!" AMEN!

  3. A great post! So glad I came by from Ann's place today.

    Blessings to you :)

  4. I certainly will join you in the deep desire for radical faith. thanks for sharing your passion. Linking up with you from Graceful post.

  5. He's MY God! I, too, desire that radical faith. You've given me much to think on.

  6. Throwing off the self imposed limitations and choosing, by faith, to be a part of what God is doing! That's my God! :) Great post...thank you for encouraging and inspiring.

  7. Wow, such a power-packed post... I want a Faith like that too! It takes a willing heart and an active God and we've got those :)

  8. As you know...

    I'm going through that process of identifying my idols and casting them down. I feel a bit of the oppressive spirit upon me as He shows me and culls me and all I want to do is run back into safety of what I know (like control) even though I know that He is my only shelter and strength.

  9. Before I ever cast a crown, I must cast my idols. The idols of the thoughts that say I can't or won't.
    The idols of what I put before my eyes and ears for the sake of "entertainment."
    The idols of my opinions which I raise over God's Word.
    I want that radical faith in the One, but before I cast my crown, I must cast my idols.

  10. I had to read your post because I have one coming out in a few days with the same title! I find the more I walk in obedience to Him, the better life becomes. He is so good!!!

  11. Oh to have the faith of those examples in the bible. Pure, unadulterated, and fearless faith. And, like you said, one that does not fear man.

  12. What a dare.."throw me out of my comfort zone". Now, me, I'd perfer I strong nudge.

    Have a good week, friend.

  13. I want a faith like that too :). Love going through these stories with you and challenging myself to surrender all in this same way. Radical :).