Tuesday, January 31, 2012

...And I Knew He was the One {Link-Up and Contest}

I am excited to finally get to tell you more about "...and I Knew He was the One"
Over the last few months the Lord has laid this idea on my heart and I've wanted to find women who can biblically and boldly handle this topic and do it justice. It will be about finding your spouse. Your Love Story. :) 

Link-Up Contest:

There will be the opportunity to link up every day with your story and I can't wait to read EVERY one! (Even the guest writers that are submitting are very welcome and encouraged to link up a new post.)  My Husband and I will go through and read them and vote on the one that is most fitting of the description!  I am so excited to hear your thoughts! Even if you aren't a blogger if you are interested in linking up send me your story and I'll attach it!  Please, Please share this contest. I am truly excited to be personally challenged over the next few days and pray you are too!

The Winner will receive
Here's what I'm looking for in your link up. It's broad so don't be intimidated! :)

...and I knew He was the one.
  • How did you know that "this man" was the one that God hand created for you?
  • Telling about your love story.
  • The importance of Patience in the waiting.
  • Areas you questioned if he was the one. Address any fears you had.
  • What if God's called someone to a life of singleness?
  • Overcoming hardships in a new married relationship.
  • Godly Singleness, Godly Marriage, Married to a non-believer.
  •  I don't expect all of this to be handled in one post but I would love for all of it to be addressed over 10 days.  It's broad so there's alot of freedom.

I know many amazing, Godly women and men who remain single into their 30's.  I work alongside my husband in student ministry where we have had young ladies at 14 scared to death that if they don't have a boyfriend they will end up single for the rest of their lives.  I know women who are in a christian marriage but constantly fear they married the wrong man.  I know women who jumped quickly into marriage at 18 to get out of one abusive house and jumped right into another.
Love is something we all crave and without a biblical understanding we're all just shooting arrows in the dark.

We hope to address the Cinderella Fantasy versus Reality. Basing our logic on our emotions and the comfort in God's hand being all over our lives and our decisions. I would love to discuss the Power of our remaining in HIM, and resting in HIS continuing PEACE and not just in waves of resolve that quickly subside.

This is what I'm praying over for the first 14 days of February.  I have asked several Godly women who can handle this message and have it constantly pointing back to Christ.  The Christian life is not handled out of wisdom gained, or lessons learned from a friend, unless all of it is pointing back to Christ. I want to throw out nuggets of truth that leave you searching for Christ especially in this aspect of your life! 
I am not looking for writers who have always made perfect choices. Far from it. It is a Beautiful Fact that the Lord is our Redeemer!  He doesn't love me because I'm perfect. Ha! He loves me because He's good and He's the Only ONE Who can make my mess Beautiful!
So get to writing! I can't wait to hear what the Lord's teaching you through your Singleness or has taught you in your Marriage!

HIS Clay,

Growing Home 


  1. Melissa,
    What a very wonderful way to lead up to Valentine's Day and get all us thinking and writing about our love!

  2. Sounds like a neat link-up! I just stumbled upon you today from The Encouraging Home's link - so nice to meet another student pastor's wife!

  3. Thanks Shannon! I am so excited to see the link up's :) I never could get tired of this topic ;)

    Rhonda-Yay! So nice to meet you! and so glad you found me :) I do hope you link up! :)