Saturday, January 14, 2012


"Paul wished to travel to the Great City of Rome in order to represent His Savior as a Preacher, however, the Bible records that instead of arriving as a preacher, God sent him as a Prisoner."- Johnny Hunt

Friends when I read this, this morning I could barely sit still from excitement! How do we view our circumstances? What do we consider the end of the world? Do we consider adversity like maybe we misinterpreted what the Lord wanted? Did I do something wrong, or even worse does it cause us to doubt God?

When my circumstances get crazy-it means God's about to do the miraculous out of my surrendered crazy!

When you're grounded in the Lord and facing challenges, even challenges such as facing imprisonment in the mission field! 

When I surrender myself, I surrender my circumstances-
-and THAT is where I find Peace and am able to place my HOPE in the Lord!

It's not "Why me?"  It's  "Where is Your hand at work Lord? Use me!" 

If He's using me to encourage others. If He's using this time for me to pour into my children so that they will know Him by seeing Him in me!  If He's using me to witness to the people I wouldn't have otherwise met.  If He's taking time just to shape me and my heart into what He desires.  Whatever my circumstances I can promise you they are not out of His Grasp and I can assure you that your circumstances do not render you incapable of being used by Him!  You don't have to go overseas to be a missionary, nor do you have to leave your current situation.  Actually, I challenge you- If you're not radically surrendered and being used right where you are, how do you think you would act differently on a foreign mission field?

"The Church in Philippi got word of Paul's imprisonment and were very concerned about his welfare and feared that his incarceration severed him from all possibility of witnessing. That was not the case at all.  Paul stated in Phil. 1:13 "that my chains are in Christ." It was not that Paul could not get away from the guards, he could not get away from Christ." - Johnny Hunt

 Lord, Where ever You Sovereignly place these hands and feet I pray that they will be surrendered and used!

HIS Clay~
Melissa Bradley