Saturday, February 11, 2012

...And I Knew He was the One {Beautiful Mommy Feet Edition}

Our son Jaxson at 20mos with my husband Trey
As all little girls, when I was growing up I daydreamed about my future husband.  I had him all planned out.  Tall, dark and handsome.  In my imagination I had him penned down to a T and without a doubt he would somehow resemble Dean Cain from "The New Adventures of Superman".  :)

I had self designed every detail I wanted in my future husband: personality, height, style, he had to drink coffee, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Oh and he had to love the Lord - at least I had a clue there.  I had to have a husband who was stronger in his faith than I was.

My Sophomore year  in college I was on the Baptist Student Counsel. Over Spring Break we went on a planning retreat along with the Mission Team Leaders.  I didn't know many people in the group, except Trey, I had met him briefly through a friend the previous semester. So that entire weekend he and I hung out and got to know each other better. 

I was too comfortable around him. Within our first few hours together we ended up discussing theology. I really didn't think this could be anything more than a quaint friendship.

We had been dating for about 2 months when we went on separate Mission Trips for the entire summer.  We talked every chance we got.  I loved talking to him about the Lord, and hearing the things that were happening on his trip.

I thought he was a sweet guy but I could not for the life of me decide if I was interested in him. It was weird, to me, that I was so comfortable around him.  Not remotely worried about him thinking about other girls while we were apart.  He was so different from other guys. He treated me like I was the only girl in the world. 

Also, we're total opposites.
  • He's quiet and reserved, while I talk even in my sleep!
  • He's extremely patient, while that's number one on my daily prayer requests.
  • He's a type B personality, I am an A+ personality.
  • He hates coffee, I am not sure who I'd be without it.
I could keep going but you get the point.

Everything I had always associated with "Love" this wasn't that, I was so confused.  This wasn't sweaty palms, butterflies, worried over security in the relationship, can't help but drool at the mere thought of him, hoping he likes me as much as I like him, etc. He looked nothing like Dean Cain. He's a little shorter than me and he can't tan to save his life.  But he was amazing! 

He was brought up with the same values as I was. We agreed on how children should be raised. I felt comfortable around his family and he did mine. I saw how he interacted with others and children and the number one selling point was the direction we felt the Lord leading us in our lives was in sync.

He is the most Godly, humble, loving man I know.  He treats me like a princess, even when I'm acting like the evil queen.  I've never met anyone who has challenged me so much in my relationship with the Lord, not because he's always preaching at me- he never does, it's how he lives. He would never say anything mean or off colored about someone. He knows how to put me in my place :) but it's never with words, it's in how he responds to situations with grace.  He's a perfect example of a humble servant leader. 

I remain blown away at the thought of how great a husband and father he is.  He loves me as Christ loves the Church and seeing his love makes me want to learn how to love better.  Don't get me wrong, our marriage isn't always perfect; but when it's not it's usually my fault.  Even though he generally takes the blame. :)

I am so grateful I serve a God who knows me better than I know myself.  I am so grateful He didn't let me handcraft my husband.

I had no idea what to look for in a spouse, so glad God did! I am thankful that God wrote our love story! 

I pray that my son grows up to be just like his daddy and I pray my daughter is blessed to marry a man with such character.


  1. So beautiful and touching! Our husbands sound a lot like each other~humble servant leader, put me in my place~quietly with grace, and it is usually my fault when things are wrong in our marriage. I want my sons to be just like their daddy. We are blessed women! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks! Mary so glad you were super blessed as well! :)