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Red Sea's Still Part- {Guest Post by Sunshine Godfrey}

Shep's Song
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

I begin this story with a warning.  I am not a ’pretty’ writer nor a 'pretty' or un-scared Christian. Our story is beautiful but our path was rocky and my faith got ugly.  Now that you have fair warning here it goes. :)

When my youngest son, Shepherd was born we were told he would be lucky to see 2 years old.  He was born with 2 different syndromes: Oculo-dento-digital-displaysia and Malabsorption Syndrome.  This entailed many things like a cleft palate, malrotation of the intestines, neurological issues, deafness, but the worst was that he was STARVING TO DEATH.

My precious baby, my 6th born child was starving.  His body did not absorb calories, fat, or vitamins. We saw EVERY doctor who would listen and even some who wouldn’t.  We had every therapy available for him. He was on 2500 calories a day with extra supplements. He had a feeding tube.  We spent weeks at a time in a hospital 4 hours away from my home, and away from my other children.  I had never been away from them and here we were ripped apart for days.

He was 15 months old and only 10 pounds, the same weight as a newborn when we were told to take our baby home and love him while we could.  Hospice would be on call when we needed them.

Up until that point I prayed for Shep, I wept for him, I asked others to pray.  Then they told me there was nothing else they could do except wait for his organs to shut down.

I was mad…an ugly, fist in the air type of mad.  I told God if He wanted to take another child of mine I WAS DONE WITH HIM.  And I meant it.

You see, we already have a baby in Heaven (my precious Lily Scout - a full term stillbirth) and I was NOT about to bury another one of my children.  No way.  It was someone else’s turn for grief!!!  I could no longer pray.

I would journal and scratch out Bible verses I had written.  (Told you this got ugly.)

On the outside I was a fabulous Christian and people would say, “God is really using you during this trial.” I would smile and say all the RIGHT things but my heart just hurt.

Shepherd was my special baby, conceived after a vasectomy…why give me this baby just to take him away?!  So we took him home.  We made a lot of memories and loved on him and spoiled him rotten! Everyone (but perhaps me) was praying all over the world for him.  He kept hanging in there and not one doctor could tell you why.

Shep was 18 months old and we had been in the hospital for days to repair his malrotation but his body was too weak and frail to preform this surgery that we had waited months on.  They couldn't get his electrolyte levels up nor his body weight.  It was our only hope, and our last chance.

During this time an elderly lady from our church woke up in the middle of the night with a heart burdened for Shep and she began to pray. I mean PRAY!  She ‘wrestled’ with God over my child, when I didn't have the strength.

After hours of crying out to the Lord on his behalf she felt the Lord say ‘he will be alright.’

Soon after that they did another scan of his intestines and the malrotation was GONE!

A million scans later he no longer needed surgery.  He gained 4 pounds that WEEK in the hospital!  God was healing my child!!!  Ms. Jo (the lady who prayed) had faith when I did/could not.  She begged on my behalf.  God listened.  God had a plan.  Not just for Shep but for me.

Shep eventually walked…right before his wheelchair fitting of course. :)  He can now hear and it is unexplainable.  He is gorgeously fat and chunky!  He is talking and signing.  His doctors have nicknamed him ‘the miracle boy’.  I don’t know why we went through everything we did but if God receives one ounce of glory it was worth all of it.

Shep August 2011

Had you asked me that at the time I wouldn’t have said that.  If God had chosen to take Shep I would have eventually come back to believing that God is good.  So good.  When the Bible says to ‘fight the good fight of faith…’ I take it personally.  I had to fight for my faith.

I am not there yet but I’m on my way, wanna join me?

More about Sunshine:
Sunshine was one of my best friends growing up. She is the mother of 6 beautiful children. One of them is waiting for her in heaven.

She has no idea how much her strength has challenged me in my walk. Faith gets scary and ugly! That's what faith is, it's not seeing yet trusting! Not knowing the outcome but knowing GOD is good, period. No matter my circumstances-God is GOD and He is Good!

I would love to say more about her but it's too personal. All I can say publically Sunshine is Thank you for walking through many fires and coming out praising! Even when you feel like you fail.  Your faith is an inspiration to me!
Never Forget that the Lord has Parted the Red Sea on Your Behalf!

I love you sweet friend!  Thank you so much for sharing!

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  1. Sunshine...another amazing example of how God performs miracles...and not just when we are doing the right thing or acting the right way. I am so happy to have cried over your story because of the chubby little face in the picture!!! May God continue to grow him up to be a strong and mighty man who will give Glory to God for all He has does in his life!!!

  2. Oh Sunshine, this is such a beautiful story of God's amazing grace and healing power! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  3. Beautiful - Thank God for the prayer warriors who step into the gap when we can't. God has an amazing future for your son.
    God bless

  4. Wow, what a beautiful, powerful testimony to the Lord! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and God's grace with us! Blessings :)

  5. Oh my goodness! Im in tears.. Praise The Lord Almighty!! Bless you and your family...xo

  6. messy mondays and beautiful mommy feet... wow that describes this post amazingly. How awesome that God has brought you through... my prayers will continue with you