Friday, February 3, 2012

I {finally} Know He's the One

Here's a post from my sweet friend Angela Vance from Hidden Treasures.  I am so excited to have her posting here today. She is such a precious treasure to me!
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My husband and I were in totally different groups in Bible college.  I have to admit, I didn't like one or two of his friends.  He was just different than I was.  His clothes were flashy.  The first time I ever saw him he was wearing a white suit with a bright blue shirt with white collar and cuffs and a gold tie.  That was shocking to me!  My dad only ever wore dark suits with "normal" ties.

Then, it happened.  I got a job.  It was job that I loved!  $7.00 an hour to teach in an after school care program.  All I had to do was decorate my room, write lesson plans and keep the children busy from 2 to 6 every day.  I loved that job!  The only problem with the job was my co-teacher.  Can you guess who my co-teacher was???   Basically, I wrote up the lesson plans, cleaned and decorated the room and organized things...he played and had fun with the kids.  I'm pretty sure he did his best NOT to do a single thing that was on my lesson plans!

Funny side note:  The first thing my husband ever said to me was:  "You shave your arms, don't you!?!"  I was shocked and completely put off.   He was sitting beside me while I was writing out lesson plans.  He was wasting time, mind you, and I was working, because that's what good employes do...echem...   I was about to inform him that none of that was any of his business and ask him what would possess him to ask such a question when I noticed he was looking at my arms - my fore arms.  Well, that was relief!  I informed him that no, I don't shave my arms I just have little tiny blond hairs and I was very sorry that it was so concerning to him.  {Yep,we were off to a great start...!}

Back to the topic...

He jokes around that we do well together because I do all the work and he has all the fun...not much has changed over the years.  I do all the planning and he just does whatever pops into his head - even though his ideas are not usually apart of the "plan".  He doesn't share my views that planning is half the fun of doing!

{Did I mention marriage takes adjusting?  But don't worry.  It only took me about 10 years to adjust to this particular difference.} 

One day my co-worker didn't show up to work.  His grandfather was sick in the hospital.  He had gone home to see him.   I actually missed him that day at work. Shocking!!   I realized that he actually did help and he even made work a bit more fun.

The next day in College Chapel they announced that we should all pray for him because his grandfather had passed away.  I found myself crying right there in chapel.  I was so sorry for him.  I knew this would be hard on him, since he had been raised by his grandfather.

The next time I saw him was the following Monday at work.  He walked into the room and sat down.  No crazy jokes.  No hiding my things to annoy me.  He was just quiet.  I walked over and sat down beside him.  He started talking.  He poured his heart out.  I sat and listened. 

Later that night he called his mother and told her he knew who he was going to marry.  Apparently he knew I was the one....  I would have died {or laughed out loud} if I had known what he had said to her that night!

There was still no way in my mind!  We spent a good deal of time together.  We worked together.  We ate dinner together after work every night and on some days he even ate lunch with me.  The fact that we had to leave for work right after lunch made eating together seem reasonable and convenient. 

The more I got to know him, the more I realized he was a great guy.  I asked around.  Everyone thought well of him.  He was bit "out there"; never knowing a stranger or caring what anyone thought of him.  He was more than willing to make a scene if he thought he'd have fun in the process. 

He also went on visitation 3 or 4 times a week.  I remember asking him why he participated in so many out reach programs.  His answer was that he was at Bible College to learn how to reach people.  How would he learn if he didn't go out and reach them??  I was impressed with that answer!  So, he went to the jails, the University of Tennessee campus, worked a bus route, and sometimes went on church wide visitation too! 

He asked me to date him a few different times.  Each time I said no.  I just didn't see us "together".  I finally did say "yes" to him due to his continued asking and my dad insisting that I "give it a try".  I strategically said yes right before the end of the spring semester.  I figured I'd be safe if I agreed at the end of the semester and let it fizzle out during the Summer break.  {Although I did still hope we'd still be co-teachers the next year at work.}

We had fun together for about 3 weeks before the end of that semester.  Our first, second and third dates were all church services or camp meetings of some kind.   We did allot of talking.  There were things that we had to agree on.  3 things in fact.
We had to agree on how children should be raised and trained.  We had to agree on discipline BEFORE the wedding.
We had to agree that debt is a bad thing BEFORE the wedding.  I was against credit cards and I'm so glad he was too!
We had to agree on doctrinal issues, but that was pretty much not a big issue, since we were at the same Bible college... 

I was scared.  Not sure of what??  I prayed that God would lead and I promised that I'd just let things happen.  I'd walk through whatever doors God opened.  I did enjoy the attention.  I did miss him when the semester was over and I had to go home.  I did wait for him to call me because....I guess because I had nothing better to look forward too??  I was refused to admit that I really liked him.

I don't really remember a day when I decided that he was "the one".  I just remember having fun and looking forward to seeing him.  I remember laying in my bed one Sunday afternoon reading my Bible and praying and I just felt a perfect peace that I was right to let it all happen.  I knew that day that I would probably marry him - if the whole relationship didn't fizzle as I had suspected it might.  In fact, I started to get nervous that it might...

Jeremy came to see me on July 4th - one of my favorite holidays.  He popped "the question" that day.  {That's a rather funny story too.  You can read it here!}  I said yes and that was the beginning of the whole thing!  We dated for approximately 2 months.  We were engaged for approximately 11 months and we've been married for nearly 11 years. 

I'm not exactly sure when I KNEW he was the one, but I do know that he is the one now....  And that's what counts.  I always wanted nothing more than to be a wife and a mother.  A wife is to support and encourage her husband and I knew that Jeremy would be a great man.  I knew that he was a born leader and that he would be able to influence people.  Who wouldn't want to be involved in something like that??

I also knew that he'd never make it on his own!  Believe me!  He needs help!  And so, here I am!  I help with whatever I can.  If nothing else I can usually find his keys, cell phone or wallet.  And believe me, we search for those things nearly every day!  See, I'm very necessary!!
We have 4 beautiful children and lots of fun - not much of it is planned though.  I am living the life I always dreamed of.  I'm a wife and a mother.  What more could I want??

I'm glad I Know He's the One...Finally!! 

Angela  was raised a Military Brat.  She met and married her Preacher husband  at Bible college.  God has blessed them with 6 beautiful children, 2 of  which are in Heaven. {4 girls and 2 boys}

Understanding how hard life can be and desiring to love other ladies, Angela took on blogging.  You can join Angela at Hidden Treasures  where she blogs about the Christian life, children, whole foods, saving  money and time, and living a more natural life the way God intended.